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How much is a small nitrogen generator?
Author:TROY Release date:2019-11-30 00:31

  How much is a small nitrogen generator?
  In a market environment where the price of nitrogen is getting higher and higher,many companies are beginning to think about making nitrogen by themselves.So how much does a small nitrogen generator cost?What costs will be required at a later stage?Today,the Troy Nitrogen Generator will talk about some details in it,hoping to help some friends.
  I.Nitrogen flow
  Some friends sent a picture of a PSA nitrogen generator directly to ask the price when inquiring.You ca n’t ask this,there are no parameters,the equipment on the nitrogen generator picture is large or small,whether it is suitable for you,you may have to ask a question mark.First of all,understand the nitrogen flow you need.The nitrogen flow here refers to the amount of nitrogen consumed per hour.For example,you are using bottled nitrogen.Converted to 6 cubic meters of nitrogen at normal pressure.If a bottle of nitrogen is used for one hour,when inquiring,you can tell the manufacturer that the nitrogen flow rate is 6 cubic meters per hour(6 cubic bottles of nitrogen are generally only 5 cubic meters.The balance is slightly larger and the price is unchanged).
  Second,the purity of nitrogen
  Now the nitrogen flow rate is known,next we need to understand the purity of nitrogen,different industries,different processes,the required nitrogen purity is different,and the price of the equipment is also different.Nitrogen purity of 95-99.9995%can be done,customized production according to demand.The most classic cases are food nitrogen generators and tire nitrogen generators.Why talk about these two industries separately?Because these two industries are badly done by some people.Nitrogen flow is forbidden for the time being,the purity of nitrogen is very serious.Blindly recommend,not responsible.The national standard of the food industry is 99.5-99.9%purity nitrogen.The higher the nitrogen purity,the better.But it cannot be lower than this standard.Customers who do n’t know ask a few prices when inquiring,and feel that 95%purity is much cheaper than 99%,so buy cheap.If the manufacturers do n’t say much,you just buy my equipment anyway,this will hurt consumers in the end.Eventually it will rebound to food manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.Food industry,safety and health must not be ignored.But you can search for nitrogen making equipment on Taobao.Too many such confusing devices,I have seen thousands of pieces of equipment,this TM can not even buy the equipment outside the box.One can imagine how much water there is.Not much to say about the tire nitrogen generator.Among the failures of Jin Yu,the fake one was a mess.
  When you purchase a PSA nitrogen generator,you mainly understand these two parameters,and you can ask the manufacturer for a price,and don't get confused.

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