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Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Filter manufacturer

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Product description

  Filter manufacturer
  Which filter manufacturer is good-just choose Dongguan Troy,specializing in the production of tap water filters and air filters wholesale and provide filter price information,friends who need to order filters can call us

  Dongguan filter
  Filter details:
  Filter Features:
  1.Divided into two categories,pure water filters can filter out all the beneficial and harmful substances in the water,suitable for northern areas where the scale is more serious;ultrafiltration filters can filter the macromolecular substances in the water,suitable for the south with better water area.
  2.It can effectively filter heavy metals,estrogen(contraceptives),pesticides and other harmful substances in water.
  3.It can improve the color and odor of tap water,improve the taste of straight drinking water,reduce turbidity and chlorine content.
  Filter Encyclopedia:
  Filter(filter)is an indispensable device on the conveying medium pipeline.It is usually installed at the inlet of other equipment such as pressure reducing valve,pressure relief valve,water level valve and square filter.The filter is composed of a cylinder,a stainless steel filter screen,a drainage part,a transmission device and an electric control part.After the water to be treated passes the filter cartridge of the filter,its impurities are blocked.When cleaning is needed,as long as the detachable filter cartridge is taken out and re-installed after processing,it is extremely convenient to use and maintain.
  Filter performance characteristics
  1.Efficient and precise filtration:The filter disc filtration technology with special structure has accurate and sensitive performance,ensuring that only particles smaller than the required size can enter the system.It is the most effective filtration system;specifications are 5μ,10μ,20μ,55μ,100μ,130μ,200μ,etc.,users can choose different precision filter disks according to water requirements.The system flow can be flexibly adjusted as required.
  2.Standard modularization,saving land:The system is based on a standard disc filter unit,which is designed according to modularity,users can choose according to their needs,flexible and variable,and highly interchangeable.The system is compact and occupies a very small area.It can be installed flexibly using corner space.For example,the equipment that handles about 300m3/h occupies only about 6m2(general water quality,filtration level 100μ).
  3.Fully automatic operation,continuous water discharge:The backwashing process alternates between the units in the filter combination,and the working and backwashing states are automatically switched to ensure continuous water discharge;the water consumption of backwashing is very small,only It accounts for 0.5%of the water output;if air-assisted backwashing is used,the self-consumption water can be reduced to less than 0.2%.High-speed and thorough backwashing can be completed in tens of seconds
  4.Long life:new plastic filter element is sturdy,no wear,no corrosion,and little fouling.After years of industrial practical verification,there is no wear in 6 to 10 years,it will not age,and the filtering and backwashing effects will not be affected by use.With time.
  5.High quality and low maintenance:The products meet the corresponding quality standards.All products are tested and tested in simulated conditions before leaving the factory.No special tools are required and few parts are used.Easy to use,only regular inspection is required,Needs routine maintenance.
  Filter manufacturers:
  Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is located in Zhongtang Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province.It has the reputation of"World Factory"and is the beginning of modern Chinese history.It is one of the"four little tigers in Guangdong".Dongguan City is adjacent to the Pearl River Mouth to the west,borders Guangzhou,Shenzhen,and Huizhou,and is adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and National Highway 107.Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a professional air separation equipment manufacturer in China.It integrates diversified integrated services such as research and development,design,manufacturing,sales,and service to provide the industry with more suitable,economical,and effective gas solutions.The equipment includes nitrogen generator,PSA nitrogen generator,nitrogen generator,hydrogen purification device,and carbon-based purification device.Troy adheres to the corporate philosophy of"Quality First,Integrity Service",and adopts a"scientific,rigorous and innovative"service system to forge ahead,market-oriented and customer-centric.
  How much is a filter?Please call us for a quote from Troy!

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