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Nitrogen gas tank wholesale

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Product description

Nitrogen gas tank wholesale
Which one of the large gas storage tank manufacturers is good-just choose Dongguan Troy, specializing in the production of air compressor gas storage tanks and gas storage tanks wholesale and provide gas tank price information. Friends who need to order gas storage tanks can call us

Gas tank manufacturers
Gas tank details:
After the air tank is installed with an air compressor, it can not only store compressed air, reduce the pressure pulsation caused by the discontinuity of the compressor exhaust, and achieve a balance between supply and use of air. It can also reduce the temperature of the compressed air, reduce filter and drying. Load of agent. The selection of the gas storage tank should pay attention to the following issues:
1. Shell material: The gas storage tank is a pressure vessel. The materials commonly used for the shell are Q235-B, 16MnR and 16MnDR. According to GB150 "Steel Pressure Vessel", different materials have different use states and temperature ranges (see table):
Material name     Steel working temperature     status of use              standard
Q235-B            0 ~ 350 ℃                    Hot rolled                 GB3274
16MnR             -20 ~ 475 ℃                  Hot rolled normalized      GB6654
16MnDR            -40 ~ 350 ℃                  Normalizing                GB3531
2. The total height of the gas storage tank: The height of the gas source room is about 2.9 meters. Considering that the gas source is often moved and transported, it needs to maintain sufficient rigidity and strength. The height of the base is generally 300mm, and the roof is sloped, which causes gas The net height in the source room is 2 meters, and all equipment cannot exceed 2 meters, otherwise it cannot be installed.
  Gas tank encyclopedia:
气 Gas storage tank refers to the equipment used to store gas, and it also stabilizes the system pressure. It can be divided into high pressure gas storage tank, low pressure gas storage tank, and atmospheric pressure storage tank according to the pressure of the gas storage tank. According to the different materials of the gas storage tank, it can be divided into: carbon steel gas storage tank, low alloy steel gas storage tank, stainless steel gas storage tank. The gas storage tank (pressure vessel) is generally composed of parts and components such as a cylinder, a head, a flange, a pipe, a sealing element and a support. In addition, it is also equipped with safety devices, meters and internal parts that perform different production processes. Large gas storage tank
The role of gas storage tank:
Air compressor is one of the important large-scale fixed power equipment in coal mines. It is widely used in the underground and on the ground. It is mainly used for the picks, drills and rock drills of mining faces. The air storage tank is the supporting equipment of the air compressor. It is installed outdoors. After the air enters the compressor and is pressurized, it is sent to the air storage tank, and then it is supplied by the air storage pipe to various gas consumption sites. The air storage tank is in the air compression system. The main role is to ensure stable gas supply. Compressed air accumulates water in the air storage tank, adjusts pneumatic equipment to cause fluctuations in air pressure due to unbalanced gas consumption, increases the pressure stability of the gas equipment, or reserves a part of compressed air, which enables users to use it when the compressor fails. This part of compressed air is used for emergency treatment of pneumatic equipment or pneumatic control system.
Gas tank manufacturers:
Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has the reputation of "World Factory" and is the beginning of modern Chinese history. It is one of the "four little tigers in Guangdong". Dongguan City is adjacent to the Pearl River Mouth to the west, borders Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Huizhou, and is adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and National Highway 107. Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional air separation equipment manufacturer in China. It integrates diversified integrated services such as research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service to provide the industry with more suitable, economical, and effective gas solutions. The equipment includes nitrogen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, nitrogen generator, hydrogen purification device, and carbon-based purification device. Troy adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Quality First, Integrity Service", and adopts a "scientific, rigorous and innovative" service system to forge ahead, market-oriented and customer-centric.
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