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Gale air compressor

Release time:2019-12-02 11:35



Product description

  Gale air compressor

  How much is an air compressor?-Choose Dongguan Troy Air Compressor,a professional screw air compressor manufacturer,as well as air compressor wholesale and air compressor price information.Friends who need to order air compressors can call us
  The main engine of the Jufeng screw machine is imported from Germany GHH-R company.Its rotor is the third-generation 5 to 6-tooth rotor,which improves the thermal efficiency by 1012%and saves 25%of electric energy compared with the second-generation 4 to 6-tooth rotor.The screw host uses Swedish SKF bearings,and the rotor undergoes dynamic and static balance tests to make it run better,with less vibration,lower noise,and a life of 16000000.
  Exhaust volume m3/min:12.6
  Pressure mpa:0.8
  Outline dimension mm:2000*1250*1680
  Weight kg:1900
  Direct connection,frequency conversion
  Screw air compressor manufacturers:
  Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is located in Zhongtang Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province.It has the reputation of"World Factory"and is the beginning of modern Chinese history.It is one of the"four little tigers in Guangdong".Dongguan City is adjacent to the Pearl River Mouth to the west,borders Guangzhou,Shenzhen,and Huizhou,and is adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and National Highway 107.Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a professional air separation equipment manufacturer in China.It integrates diversified integrated services such as research and development,design,manufacturing,sales,and service to provide the industry with more suitable,economical and effective gas solutions.The equipment includes nitrogen generator,PSA nitrogen generator,oxygen generator,hydrogen purification device,and carbon-based purification device.Troy adheres to the corporate philosophy of"Quality First,Integrity Service",and adopts a"scientific,rigorous and innovative"service system to forge ahead,market-oriented and customer-centric.

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Add:No. 6 Guozhou Road, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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