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Fish diving oxygen generator supply

Release time:2019-12-02 14:59



Product description

  Fish diving oxygen generator supply

  Which is the best manufacturer of bonito jump oxygen generator-just choose Dongguan Troy,specializing in the production of medical oxygen generator equipment and oxygen generator equipment wholesale and provide oxygen generator price information,friends who need to order oxygen generator can call us
  Direct sales of oxygen generator
  Oxygen generator details:
  Functional characteristics of Yuyuyue 7F-3CW oxygen generator:
  1.Fashionable bionic streamlined appearance.Won the National Design Star Red Star Award.
  2,the noise is lower.Adopt advanced surround air duct design and multi-stage dispersion noise reduction.
  3.Large screen LCD display,the numbers are clearly visible;it has the function of tired time and regular shutdown.
  Technical parameters of Yuyu 7F-3CW oxygen generator:
  Power supply:AC220±22V,50±1Hz
  Input power:≤350VA
  Oxygen concentration:≥90%
  Oxygen flow:1~3L/min
  Output pressure:30~70kPa
  Running noise:≤55dB(A)
  Features of bonito 7F-3CW oxygen generator:
  1.Advanced oxygen production principle:
  Yuyue Jiangsu Yuyue Oxygen Concentrator uses the principle of physical oxygen production,through the pressure swing adsorption of molecular sieves(the molecular sieves of this product are imported from the United States),directly separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air at room temperature to extract high-purity medical oxygen Achieved continuous uninterrupted oxygen supply.
  2,simple operation and maintenance:
  The fish jumper is connected to the humidification bottle(please inject an appropriate amount of pure water according to the instructions)and an oxygen suction tube.Turn on the power and you can get high-purity pure oxygen in 1-2 minutes.If necessary,the oxygen generator can continuously supply high-purity oxygen for a long time.Routine maintenance only requires regular cleaning of the humidification bottle,filter screen and replacement of the filter or filter element.
  3.Easy to use:
  The fish jump integrates oxygen generation and oxygen supply as a whole,which overcomes the inconvenience of using oxygen bags and oxygen bottles before storing oxygen,and also saves the trouble of using a chemical oxygen generator to continuously put in oxygen generating agents,and the volume is small,Easy to move,sufficient oxygen flow,can be used in places where electricity is available.
  4.Good performance-price ratio:
  The Yuyu Yue Jiangsu Yuyue medical oxygen generator is extremely cost-effective and has a long service life.Only electricity consumption costs occur during use.For long-term use,the cost cost is much lower than other oxygen absorption methods.
  ◆The health effects of oxygen
  Oxygen health originated in Western Europe and is an advanced fitness method.Since the 1980s,Mexico,the United States,and Japan have successively carried out oxygen health care,especially in Japan,and small oxygen machines have become bestsellers.In economically developed countries,oxygen inhalation has become fashionable,and more than 20%of homes have small oxygen equipment for oxygen health care for their families.Oxygen has the following health effects:
  1.Eliminate fatigue,improve intelligence and work efficiency
  Human brain oxygen consumption accounts for 20%of the whole body,and is particularly sensitive to hypoxia.Insufficient oxygen supply can cause fatigue,such as physical insufficiency,fatigue,dizziness,insomnia,memory loss,and loss of appetite,which affect people's intelligence and work efficiency.The above symptoms can be significantly improved after oxygen inhalation.
  2,improve physical resistance,rickets and disease prevention
  Oxygen absorption can enhance the metabolism of human cells,tissues and organs,enhance the functions of various organs,improve the body's immunity,and have a good prevention and treatment of common diseases such as insufficient blood supply to the brain,cerebral infarction,coronary heart disease,asthma,and nerve failure.
  3,oxygen absorption helps beauty
  Inhalation can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells,strengthen skin nutrition,increase the elasticity of loose skin and reduce wrinkles;enhance the metabolic function of skin cells,reduce melanin deposits,reduce bruising,and beautify the skin;Helps improve hair follicle nutrition,promote hair growth,and prevent hair loss.
  4,regular oxygen can fight aging
  With the increase of age,vascular sclerosis and pulmonary function decline,and the partial pressure of arterial blood oxygen gradually decreases,which is more obvious for smokers.Oxygen inhalation can obviously increase the partial pressure of oxygen and prevent the occurrence of many elderly diseases.
  5.Helps improve male sexual function
  Oxygen care is an advanced method of strengthening.Oxygen can enhance vision and improve presbyopia;oxygen can also increase libido index,improve male sexual function,maintain vigorous energy and improve quality of life.Oxygen can also promote physical recovery after exercise.
  6,beneficial fetal growth and development
  The oxygen needed by the fetus is obtained from the mother's blood through the placenta.Therefore,the oxygen intake of pregnant women can ensure that the fetus gets sufficient oxygen,so that the fetus can develop better and prevent the occurrence of premature birth or dementia.
  7.Improve sub-health status
  People living in modern society often have such feelings,low mood,irritable mood,prone to insomnia,fatigue,chronic sore throat,repeated colds,etc.,medical experts call it a sub-health state.According to survey estimates,about 60%of the population is in a sub-health state,and a higher proportion of young and middle-aged intellectuals,and about 78%are in a sub-health state.Experiments have shown that inhaling oxygen is very effective in improving sub-health.
  ◆Who needs oxygen?
  1.People with increased oxygen consumption
  There are mainly pregnant women who need to supply oxygen to the fetus;athletes who consume too much oxygen after exercise;mental workers who use too much brain,including intellectuals,boss managers,students who take exams;urban people with a tight pace of life;drivers who drive long distance Wait.
  2,people with insufficient oxygen utilization capacity
  Including patients with respiratory tract(nasal sensitivity,asthma,chronic branch),cardiovascular(hypertension,coronary heart disease),cerebrovascular(stroke),hematological disease(anemia,etc.),elderly(diabetes,etc.).
  3.Urban people with insufficient oxygen in work and living environment
  研究Studies by medical experts show that 90%of urban people are hypoxic.Mainly due to the increasing severity of industrial pollution and the rapid increase of automobile exhaust emissions,and the reduction of urban green space,resulting in less and less oxygen in the air.On the other hand,urban people work and live in air-conditioned rooms and offices with closed doors and windows for a long time.The indoor polluted air is recycled and the oxygen content of the air is getting less and less.It is determined that the oxygen content in high-rise offices in large cities is 18%(normal 21%),which is the same as the hypoxia alarm point in coal mines.
  4,oxygen care for the elderly
  Aging is a natural process and does not necessarily accompany the disease,but the decline of the physiological regulation function and immune function of the elderly inevitably increases the possibility of disease.It is often difficult to clearly distinguish the physiological and pathological changes of the elderly,but they coexist and affect each other,forming a series of complex changes.By absorbing oxygen and supplementing the oxygen regularly and in time,the elderly can directly make up for the necessary oxygen supply due to the decline in physiological functions to maintain the normal function of various organs in the body and prevent various geriatric diseases caused by hypoxia.Maintain physical and mental health and delay the aging process.
  ◆The benefits of oxygen
  1.Oxygen can alleviate angina pectoris and prevent the occurrence of myocardial infarction:angina pectoris is caused by acute myocardial hypoxia,and myocardial insufficiency for more than 30 minutes can cause myocardial infarction,which is a major risk factor for patients to die.Regular health care oxygen inhalation or onset of illness can prevent or alleviate the occurrence of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction,and gain time for treatment.
  2.Oxygen inhalation can prevent strangulated coronary heart disease:Strangular coronary heart disease is extremely unpredictable due to its onset.It usually has mild mild cerebral distress,shortness of breath,abnormal mood,or heart rate confusion before its onset.Supplemented with oxygen therapy can be more effective.
  3.Oxygen treatment is very good for asthma:Asthma is caused by the weakening of the ventilation function of the alveoli and the outside world due to bronchospasm and other conditions.Oxygen absorption can increase the oxygen concentration in the alveoli and help asthma.ease.
  4.Oxygen inhalation can effectively treat emphysema,pulmonary heart disease,and chronic bronchitis:The listed medical records are all caused by severe hypoxia.Oxygen inhalation can reduce the symptoms of hypoxia and significantly increase blood oxygen saturation,which is better than treating with medicine alone.Significant effect.
  5.Oxygen absorption has an adjuvant treatment effect on diabetes:studies now show that diabetes is related to the body's hypoxia.Capillary blood pressure in diabetic patients is significantly lower,which results in inability of tissue cells to obtain sufficient oxygen and impairs cell function and glucose metabolism.Therefore,the implementation of oxygen therapy for diabetic patients has attracted more and more attention from the medical community.
  6.Oxygen absorption can play a health role for healthy people:Due to serious air pollution and ordinary air conditioning,regular oxygen intake can clean your respiratory system,improve visceral function,and improve the overall immunity of the human body to prevent various diseases..
  ◆Benefits of oxygen for pregnant women at home
  有What are the benefits of oxygen in pregnant women?This is to start with the changes in the respiratory system of women after pregnancy:the number of breaths after pregnancy is unchanged,but the ventilation per minute increases from 8 liters/minute before pregnancy to 11 liters/minute of full-term pregnancy.Due to the increase in ventilation,pregnant women More oxygen needs to be inhaled to protect the fetus and placenta's need for oxygen.At the same time,more carbon dioxide is exhaled when exhaled,which is conducive to the diffusion and emission of carbon dioxide from the fetus to the mother.
  Therefore,the most common and most effective treatment for babies before birth is to give the mother oxygen.
  Using atmospheric pressure oxygen therapy,that is,a method of administering oxygen to the mother for 15 minutes,taking a rest for 5 minutes,and then taking another 15 minutes,it can rapidly increase the partial blood oxygen pressure,blood oxygen content and oxygen reserve of the mother,placenta and fetus It can make the placenta get sufficient oxygen supply,accelerate the penetration of nutrients from the mother into the fetus,improve fetal hypoxia,and promote fetal growth and development.
  Therefore,in the case of fetal distress,intrauterine growth retardation,placental dysfunction,fetal arrhythmia,etc.,the use of atmospheric pressure oxygen treatment can achieve satisfactory results,while being very safe.
  In addition,pregnant women with heart failure,infective endocarditis,cyanotic congenital heart disease,and asthma need oxygen for supplementary treatment.
  When you feel unwell,tired,or dizzy,you may wish to breathe fresh and pure medical oxygen,which will make your mother and child healthier.
  ◆Operating principle of oxygen generator
  1,molecular sieve oxygen generator
  It is an advanced gas separation technology.The physical method(PSA method)directly extracts oxygen from the air,ready to use,fresh and natural.The maximum oxygen pressure is 0.2 to 0.3 MPa(that is,2 to 3 kg).There is no high pressure.Explosive and other dangers.The life of molecular sieves is generally at least 5 years,with an average of about 8 years.All our oxygen generators are the most advanced molecular sieve oxygen generators.
  2.Chemical oxygen generator
  It uses a reasonable pharmaceutical formula.It can be used in specific occasions.It can indeed meet the urgent needs of some consumers.However,due to the simple equipment,troublesome operation,high cost of use,and a certain cost for each oxygen inhalation.Can not be used continuously Many deficiencies.Not suitable for home oxygen therapy!
  3.Electronic oxygen generator
  It adopts the process of oxidizing and reducing the precipitation of oxygen in the solution in the air.Therefore,it does not generate dangerous hydrogen like electrolyzed water to make oxygen.The whole machine runs relatively quietly,but this type of product requires very high handling and handling requirements.Strict.Never allow it to be tilted or inverted.Otherwise its solution will flow into the oxygen tube and spray into the nasal cavity.It will cause serious damage to the user.At the same time,the oxygen production process is prone to produce other oxides.The produced oxygen contains chemical substances.This The oxygen-generating method consumes a lot of power.According to experts,the service life of the best electronic oxygen generators in the world is difficult to exceed 1000 hours.During use,the solution must have a suitable concentration.Otherwise,oxygen cannot be produced normally.Customer maintenance of electronic oxygen generator must be done well!
  4,oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator
  This type of oxygen generator adopts the membrane oxygen generation method.The membrane filters the nitrogen molecules in the air to reach a concentration of 30%oxygen at the outlet.It has the advantages of small volume and low power consumption.However,the machine using this oxygen generation method produces 30%oxygen,which is slightly higher than the normal air oxygen concentration,and cannot be used for first aid under severe hypoxia conditions.
  ◆Main precautions for home oxygen therapy
  (1)Closely observe the effect of oxygen therapy,such as reducing or relieving symptoms such as dyspnea,and normal or near normal heartbeat,indicating that oxygen therapy is effective.Otherwise,the cause should be found and dealt with in a timely manner.
  (2)It should not be too long for high-concentration oxygen supply.Generally,it is considered that the oxygen concentration>60%for more than 24 hours may cause oxygen poisoning.
  (3)Giving high concentration of oxygen to patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may cause respiratory depression and worsen the condition.The oxygen generator makes oxygen,and the ventilator provides you with good breathing.Generally,it should be controlled(ie,low concentration persists).It is appropriate to inhale oxygen.
  (4)Pay attention to warming and humidification in oxygen therapy.Maintaining the temperature of 37°C and 95%to 100%humidity in the respiratory tract is a necessary condition for the normal clearing function of the mucociliary system.Therefore,inhaled oxygen should pass through the humidification bottle and the necessary heating device.In order to prevent the inhalation of dry and cold oxygen,it can damage the airway mucosa,cause dry sputum and affect the"scavenger"function of cilia.
  (5)To prevent pollution and clogging of the catheter,the nasal congestion,oxygen delivery catheter,humidification heating device,ventilator piping system,etc.should be regularly replaced and cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross infection.The oxygen inhalation catheter and nasal obstruction should be checked at any time for clogged secretions and replaced in time.To ensure effective and safe oxygen therapy.
  Oxygen generator encyclopedia:
  Oxygen generator is a type of machine for making oxygen.Its principle is to use air separation technology.First,the air is compressed at a high density,and the difference in the condensation points of the components in the air is used to make gas-liquid separation at a certain temperature,and then further rectified.
  Its characteristic is that inhaling oxygen directly increases arterial blood oxygen content,instead of indirectly improving hypoxia by acting on a part of the body,but only increasing the oxygen that the body has continuously ingested since its lifetime.There is no substance that is unfamiliar to the body,needs to be adapted,and needs to be analyzed,so it only improves instead of changing the body's natural physiological state and biochemical environment.Low-flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not need special guidance.The effect is fast and certainly beneficial and harmless.Oxygen therapy has the effect of promptly alleviating the symptoms of hypoxia,but has only partial and progressive effects on eliminating the causes of hypoxia.Oxygen therapy is the main method to correct physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia and prevent diseases caused by environmental hypoxia.For correcting pathological hypoxia,oxygen therapy is an important adjunct.For emergency rescue,oxygen therapy is one of the important means.
  Operation method of oxygen generator
  1.The main engine is installed as a floor type or a rack is attached to the wall and hung outdoors,and a gas extraction filter is installed;
  2.Nail the oxygen supply buckle plate on the wall or support as needed,and then hang the oxygen supply;
  3.Connect the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply with an oxygen pipe,and connect the 12V power line of the oxygen supply to the 12V power line of the host.If multiple oxygen supply devices are connected in series,you only need to add a three-way connector,and fix the pipeline with a wire tie;
  4.Plug the host's 220V power cord into the wall socket,and the red light of the oxygen supply is on;
  5.Add purified water to the designated position in the humidifier.Install it on the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply;
  6.Put the oxygen tube on the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup;
  7.Press the start button of the oxygen supply,the green indicator light is on,the oxygen generator starts to work;the medical oxygen generator is wholesale
  8.Adjust the flow to the required position according to the doctor's order;
  9.Hang the nasal cannula or wear the mask to inhale oxygen according to the packing instructions of the oxygen mask or nasal suction tube.
  Oxygen generator manufacturers:
  Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is located in Zhongtang Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province.It has the reputation of"World Factory"and is the beginning of modern Chinese history.It is one of the"four little tigers in Guangdong".Dongguan City is adjacent to the Pearl River Mouth to the west,borders Guangzhou,Shenzhen,and Huizhou,and is adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and National Highway 107.Dongguan Troy Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a professional air separation equipment manufacturer in China.It integrates diversified integrated services such as research and development,design,manufacturing,sales,and service to provide the industry with more suitable,economical,and effective gas solutions.The equipment includes nitrogen generator,PSA nitrogen generator,nitrogen generator,hydrogen purification device,and carbon-based purification device.Troy adheres to the corporate philosophy of"Quality First,Integrity Service",and adopts a"scientific,rigorous and innovative"service system to forge ahead,market-oriented and customer-centric.
  How much is an oxygen generator?Please call us for a quote from Troy!


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